Friday, March 18, 2011

Thanksgiving: "I'm thankful for....DisneyWorld!!!"

We were over at Ryan and Windy's house for Thanksgiving, and they surprised us with a Thanksgiving "gift." A weekend at DISNEYWORLD with them! We went home, packed our bags, came back and slept at their house until about 4am, when we all took off to Disneyworld. It was so amazingly nice of them, and we had a blast!!!! We got there, the very day after Thanksgiving, checked into our hotel, went swimming for a while, then spent the rest of the evening at downtown Disney, visiting shops, eating dinner, and some pretty scrumptious candy apples and yummy chocolate truffles. Then we went back to the hotel to get some sleep, and Ryan, Windy, Caitlin, and Britta gave Brianna and Sydney little princess dress-ups for them to where at Disneyworld the next day! So we went to sleep, and woke up bright and early the next day to spend the whole day at Disneyworld. Sydney was dressed up as Cinderella, and Brianna was Snow White. They are adorable little princesses! The day was spent, filled with as many rides as they could go on, and the highlight for the girls was meeting all the princesses and other disney characters. We tried to meet everyone. It was magical! Especially when evening came and we got to see the electric parade and the firework show, and Cinderella's castle all decorated for Christmas. Beautiful! Fun! Exciting! Magical! We were all exhausted by the end of the day. Sydney got a refreshing nap during the firework show, so on the bus ride back to the hotel when the rest of us were struggling to stay awake, Sydney was chatting our ears off, telling us every single thing about her wonderful day at Disneyworld. It was hilarious! She didn't stop even when we got back, got in bed, and were all trying to sleep! Eventually, we did get her to be quiet, and we all got a much needed night of rest, before our drive home the next day. Good times!

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