Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All Jazzed Up!

Jared got Jazz tickets at work for being one of the top 4 in sales for the week. We were on the 14th row. It was awesome!

Final score: Jazz won, 102 to 89!

Sydney's First Birthday!

Big 1 year old! Happy Birthday Sydney! Sydney loves this toy, but screams in frustration when it flips over and no longer makes the popping sound when she moves it around. Sydney was glad to have Uncle Joe, Aunt Ashley, and Grandma & Grandpa Phillips with her for her first birthday party!
Unlike Brianna, Sydney had no qualms about digging in and getting dirty while eating her first birthday cake.
There's more? Yes!!!
Say Cheese!
Look at this!

A little late, but here's Christmas!!!

It's so early!!!

Sydney wasn't too interested in unwrapping presents. She let Brianna open up all her presents. Brianna didn't mind that at all.

Brianna was pretty excited about her Tinkerbell movie! That was her favorite gift.

This is Jared's gingerbread house, with stained-glass windows made from melted jolly ranchers.